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Educational & Awareness Video Production

Culturally Safe and Trauma Informed video production services, specialising in working with people with lived-experience of trauma or intersectional marginalisation to tell thier stories

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Using my skills in video production combined with my expertise in intersectionally culturally safe and trauma informed practice, I create a range of online video materials with a particular focus on interviews of clients and people with lived-experience from marginalised communities. Service includes:
          - collaborative scripting/treatment development with client, drawing out key messages
          - production & shooting coordination with talent
          - pre-camera 1:1 sessions with talent to develop individual Safety Plans (incorporating a trauma-informed lens and intersectional Cultural Safety) 
          - high quality video and sound recording 
          - 'daily rushes' drafting of content and feedback rounds with client and talent
          - digital delivery of final videos for client to upload or link to content I host for you   

I can provide all of the above options in a combined package or I help you pick and choose which individual elements you require. 


Recent examples of my work: 

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