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Lived-experience advocacy in theatre or public speaking 

Culturally Safe and Trauma-Informed theatrical production or public speaking development supporting lived-experience narrative as advocacy. 

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Using my skills in theatre production combined with my expertise in intersectionally culturally safe and trauma informed practice, I create live theatre story-telling productions starring people with lived-experience from marginalised communities and/or survivors of trauma. Service includes:
        - extensive workshopping with booking agency to develop concept
        - pre-production 1:1 consultations with talent to establish Cultural Safety and trauma safety needs
        - collaborative scripting/treatment development with lived-experience experts, turning their story into an effective education and awareness tool
        - rehearsal, coaching and dramaturge support with lived-experience talent
        - staging of live-shows or public speeches within training events or for the general public

I can provide all of the above options in a combined package or I help you pick and choose which individual elements you require. 
An example of my work can be found at 

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